University Baptist Church approves marriage equality resolution

    The congregation of University Baptist Church – Seattle, in a unanimous vote, approved the following resolution regarding marriage equality in the State of Washington:

    As a Welcoming and Affirming congregation, University Baptist Church rejoices with the passage of the Marriage Equality Bill by the Washington State Legislature and the signing into law by Governor Chris Gregoire.  We celebrate that marriage will now be recognized for same-sex couples, and a history of marriage discrimination will end.  

    University Baptist Church has traveled a prayerful, studied path to become a congregation that sees God’s love in human love, regardless of the sexual orientation of those who embody that love.  And now, as congregation and community, we authorize our Pastor and Moderator to communicate publicly our support of marriage equality for all couples, and to invite our sister congregations to do the same.  The congregation also authorizes the Pastor and Moderator to explore partnerships with other organizations working to preserve marriage equality in Washington State, and encourages members of the congregation to participate in the support of the marriage equality law.


    Approved by a unanimous vote from the members of University Baptist Church – Seattle, on a special congregational meeting on Sunday, March 4th, 2012.


    Jim Richardson

    Thank you!

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